Monday, 2 April 2012

Introduction - all about me!

Poker is a game ridden with cliches and bullshit. You've all heard the people at the table spouting shit like 'chip and a chair', and ' I'm priced in, too much value'. I guess to a certain extent I am one of those cliches.

My name is Ky Hutchinson and I am a poker wannabe. I want the fame, riches and bracelets poker promises. I want the sponsorships and the TV deals. I want to play in the biggest tournaments and cash games the world offers. I want to be the player people are talking about on forums and in casinos throughout the world.

This is my blog and I plan to document my journey in the poker world in the upcoming years. I will try my best not to be the cliche I described earlier but secretly I think that's what we all want.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope that you will enjoy my thoughts on the game.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter ( @Awesome_Hutch)and facebook (Ky Hutchinson)


  1. You missed out the part about being the player who gets shafted repeatedly, and rather violently up the jacksy - voluntarily.

  2. you can always get back into teaching go on the bank and just do odd days. I can't handle the late nights anymore and not being a winning player work is the only thing that gives me a pretty decent lifestyle. So go for it while your still youngish lol but hope the wife understands all the late nights and days away.

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